Spreading Sunshine to Prom-goers

At The Beach Cares knows prom is one of the biggest nights of kid’s high school career. At The Beach Cares remember all the preparations like: getting the tux, getting a lifted, chromed out truck (maybe that’s a Bjorn thing) and the corsage. Then, having to stand in the hot sun on the deck where you and your date are trying to not sweat thru your outfits as a seeming never ending line of parents, friends and grandparents take photo after photo.

Some lucky Prom-goers got a huge shock when after enduring all that preparation, standing and smiling they sat down to enjoy dinner they were informed that At The Beach Cares paid for the whole party’s dinner! At The Beach Cares knows how much prom-goers look forward to this event. We saw a bunch of prom goers in our stores in the time leading up to prom. At The Beach Cares wanted to give back to these prom-goers and show them that At The Beach Cares is always giving back to community.

Opening my email to be greeted by these amazing Thank you emails:

  • This last weekend my daughter and her boyfriend went to prom with a group of friends. They had dinner at the Olive Garden and when it was time to pay their bill, the waitress informed them that the bill had already been paid by an executive of At The Beach. I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful and generous this was. Those kids were all so shocked and amazed, and you have made this mother a firm supporter of At The Beach.
  • Thank you to At The Beach. When I was prom this weekend and went to pay for dinner I was told that At The Beach bought my dinner. I don’t even tan there or anything and I guess the guy at the other table was from At The Beach and he paid for all of our dinner. That was great. I am graduating from High school in a few weeks and I will always remember this. Thanks At The Beach
  • Thank you so much At The Beach! A group of my friends were at the Olive Garden before prom last weekend and someone from At The Beach bought our dinner. We don’t even know who it was, he just paid and left without telling us. That was a really generous thing for a company to do. I think your commercials are great too! Freak!

At The Beach Cares is so excited that our small gesture made such a impact on these prom goers’ night. At The Beach Cares is always looking to give back to the community and spread a little bit of sunshine throughout the Greater Denver Community.

Project Angel Heart Fundraiser Update

At The Beach Cares is proud to update that At The Beach Cares has raised $25,000 for Project Angel Heart in the month of April.

Since 1991 Project Angel Heart has been delivering meals to men, women and children facing life threatening illnesses. At The Beach Cares is taking action to help and support this worthwhile organization. At The Beach Cares believes making a positive impact to those in our community and across the nation is an important part of making the future better and brighter! Last year Project Angel Heart provided more than 445,581 meals to 1,950 clients free of charge. Project Angel Heart is striving to cover more ground and reach more people.

Be sure to check out At The Beach Cares on Twitter: @atthebeachrocks and Instagram: @atthebeachrocks next week as At The Beach Cares presents the donation to Project Angel Heart.

The Center

At The Beach Cares is a very active member of the greater Denver community. At The Beach Cares’ support of “The Center” is yet another example of the great contribution that At The Beach Cares is making in the Greater Denver Community.

The LGBT Community Center of Colorado more commonly known as “The Center” was founded in 1973; and remains one of the oldest gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people-serving organizations in the nation. The first “PrideFest” in Denver occurred in 1975 and was organized by The Center and consisted of 200 person parade marching down 16th street toward Civic Center Park. PrideFest has since grown to attract more than 300,000 people over the course of a two-day weekend. At The Beach Cares is proud to be one of largest privately-owned sponsors of PrideFest and The Center.

Also join At The Beach Cares at PrideFest 2013, June 15th thru the 16th at the Civic Center Park. At The Beach Cares’ will be out and about with our hot, Tan Curious team. Be sure to say, “Hey, At The Beach Cares”, if you spot the Tan Curious Team out and about. At The Beach Cares looks forward to seeing everyone out June 15th and 16th to celebrate PrideFest, and also to celebrate all the color and culture that the LGBT community has added to our melting pot of society.



Helping Moore

We all have heard and or seen the devastating effects of the F4 twister that ripped through Moore, Oklahoma. At The Beach Cares is an Oklahoma City born and raised company that still has a corporate office in the Oklahoma City area and we also have a store located in Moore. We are fortunate enough that our At The Beach Cares store in Moore, OK is still standing and that all of our At The Beach Cares’ employees and their families are safe and that At The Beach Cares are working to get that store back up and open to bring a little bit of sunshine back to our valued customers.

At The Beach Cares wants to bring a little bit of relief to the faces of those that have worked hours and constantly to clean up and reassemble Moore which is why, At The Beach Cares is donating California Tan SPF sunblock to Serve Moore, be distributed to the relief worker to help prevent painful sunburns. At The Beach cares believes that this donation will help bring some relief to the relief workers that have worked continuously to help resurrect the town of Moore.

This donation is just a continuation of At The Beach Cares’ passion of teaching each and every one of our clients and the also our broader community about sun smarts and to be bright, tan responsibly, don’t ever sunburn and also our other passion of showing that At The Beach Cares. If you would like to make a donation to help the relief efforts please visit Red Cross or Serve Moore any contribution will help!

At The Beach Moore Oklahoma

Sometimes we have to take a step back from the fun and just be thankful for what we have. Yesterday a tornado devastated Moore Oklahoma. At The Beach is proud to be an Oklahoma based company, with 14 stores in the greater Oklahoma City Area, including one in Moore. We were very lucky, and so thankful to report that all of our employees and families are alright.

Our Moore store is still standing, although we have been unable to get anyone to the store to assess the damage. We appreciate the heartfelt messages and words of concern we have been receiving from our many vendors and contacts, as well as our tanners in our other markets as well.

For those interested in helping, please contact the Red Cross http://www.redcross.org/index.jsp or the Goodwill Industries of Oklahoma. http://www.okgoodwill.org/

It goes without saying that our Moore store will be closed for the time being. We are directing any customers to either our store at SW 74th & Penn or our Midwest City Location.

Project Angel Heart Fundraiser

Since 1991 Project Angel Heart has been delivering meals to men, women and children facing life threatening illnesses.  At The Beach Cares is taking action to help and support again this worthwhile organization.   How are we helping out this year?  It’s simple.  At The Beach Cares is sponsoring a donation drive in our At The beach Superstores to help support the good work and dedication of Project Angel Hear.  At The Beach Cares believes making a positive impact to those in our community and across the nation is an important part of making the future better and brighter!  Last year Project Angel Heart provided more than 445,581 meals to 1,950 clients free of charge.  Project Angel Heart is striving to cover more ground and reach more people.  At The Beach Cares support of Project Angel Heart makes a difference and you can help out too!

How can you make a difference? Visit any At The Beach location in Colorado, California, Oklahoma and Kansas to help out on your part with donations.  Last year our At The Beach Cares fundraiser raised $25,000 that we were able to donate to help make a difference.  This was strictly through the efforts of our wonderful customer donations. This small step is the beginning to a massive impact we make together in the end.  Doesn’t that feel good? At The Beach Cares believes it does!

Project Angel Heart is 21 years strong and expanding their delivery zone to encompass more territory. Life threatening illnesses can drain a person’s energy and finances, limit their independence and leave them feeling alone and vulnerable.  In 2012 there were more than 8,800 people who donated over 57,000 hours of their time preparing food in the kitchen and delivering nutritious meals to clients’ homes and events.  Your donation makes this possible, don’t wait, and contribute to help out now!  At The Beach Cares and with your donation of any amount, together we’ll touch more hearts, to those in need.

Saving The Beach’s Most Precious Resource 2012!

Breast Cancer Awareness

Did you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month? At The Beach Cares Knows!  We are excited to be doing our At The Beach Cares Saving the Beach’s Most Precious Resource fundraiser again this year.

Right now you can go to any of our 65 At The Beach Tanning Super Store locations in Colorado, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Wichita Kansas, or Orange County CA and get involved.  This year At The Beach Cares and At The Beach are selling fun pink shirts depicting our tanning sweetheart Donatella as a superhero doing her part to Save the Beach’s Most Precious Resource.  The shirts retail for $30 and all the profits are donated to causes that help prevent and fight Breast Cancer.

Last year At The Beach Cares raised around $26K and we are confident we will raise more this year!  Won’t you help us?  If you live in area without an At The Beach, or just can’t make it to the store you can go here and purchase one on line.  Or check out the shirt link on the upper left hand side of the page. No, other left. See where it says Links to Causes? Under there. See it now? Good.

So please join At The Beach Cares in helping promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Thank you for your support!

Profile in Caring – The youngest member of the ATB Cares team

How old do you have to be to care?  Would it surprise you to know that the youngest member of the At The Beach Cares team turned 11 today?  That is right, only 11 years old and already an active member of At The Beach Cares outreach team.

Matthew is the son of At The Beach’s Vice President of Corporate Development Judson Kinkade.  While you may think that Matthew is part of the At The Beach Cares team only because his father brings him to events that could not be farther from the truth.  Outside of helping out with At The Beach’s involvement with events like Denver’s Aids Walk, Matthew also volunteers to deliver food for Project Angel Heart with his mother on a regular basis, and has participated in volunteer activities with the regional food bank in Oklahoma City, and with Good Sheppard Ministries, also in OKC.  At The Beach Cares is certainly proud to have him represent At The Beach.

This year at Denver’s Aids Walk Matthew volunteered to participate in the “Diva Dash” and ran 200 meters in a pair of (borrowed) high heels to raise awareness and show his support of people suffering with Aids.  How many 11 year old boys do you know willing to do that?  The organizers of the event awarded him with the “Diva Disaster” title, in recognition of his participation, attitude and involvement.  Normally the “Diva Disaster” title is given to the biggest wipe out, or train wreck of a participant.  This year the judges made a change and awarded this title to Matthew and said “when I saw this young boy running as fast as he could in those heels we were just so impressed with his spirit.”  In addition to the race, Matthew was helping the At The Beach Cares team pass out free samples of sunscreen and burn relief to the participants.

So the next time you think that you are too old, or too young, or too busy to volunteer, just remember that if an 11 year old boy can do it, most likely you can too.  At The Beach Cares is proud to honor Matthew on his birthday as todays profile in caring.

Art For Life

Looking for something different to do tonight? Are you in the Denver area?  Want to support a great organization like Project Angel Heart?  At The Beach Cares does!  Tonight from 6-10 members of our At The Beach Cares team will be supporting Project Angel Heart at the annual Art for Life event.

“Project Angel Heart is excited to announce the eleventh annual Art for Life event on Friday, August 24, 2012, to be held at the Abend Gallery in Denver. Join 500+ community leaders and art lovers for an evening of hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, wine, desserts, good company, and fine art. Guests will have an opportunity to view and bid on the works of more than 80 local and internationally recognized artists who have donated work in support of Project Angel Heart. Once again, we are proud to partner with the Denver School of the Arts and Art Students League of Denver to highlight emerging artists.”


At The Beach Cares is proud to be a sponsor of tonight’s event.  It is not too late to get tickets! Bring a friend, check out some great art and support Project Angel Heart”

25th Annual AIDS Walk Colorado

Busy this weekend? Live in Denver?  Looking for something to do that helps out a great cause?  This Saturday is Denver’s 25th Annual Aids Walk, brought to you by the Colorado Aids Project.  At The Beach is one of the official sponsors and our At The Beach Cares team will be onsite representing At The Beach at this worthwhile event.

AIDS Walk Colorado is the Rocky Mountain Region’s largest and most successful HIV and AIDS fundraiser. More than 8,000 people from throughout the state come together as a community, fueled by donations from more than 13,000 individuals, to raise money for vital services for HIV/AIDS clients of Colorado AIDS Project and more than 20 other outstanding AIDS service organizations.

The event serves as a day to remember those we have lost to the disease with prominent speakers and panels of the AIDS Memorial Quilt, in addition to the Celebration of Life Festival, live music, food, beverages and the 3rd annual AIDS Walk Colorado Volleyball Tournament, held in conjunction with the Colorado Gay Volleyball Association.

You can get more information here.  Hope to see you there!